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An interdisciplinary, collaborative program supporting and facilitating scholarship using the natural world to study the global medieval and pre-modern past
Lighthouse on the rocky island of Skellig Michael off the coast of Ireland

Skellig Michael (Great Skellig), an island off the coast of Co. Kerry, Ireland, was the home of a medieval monastic community. Photo by Janet E. Kay.


The Environmental History Lab (EHL), affiliated with the Program in Medieval Studies and funded by a Humanities Council David A. Gardner '69 Magic Grant for Innovation, is a series of seminars, undergraduate workshops, and related courses and activities that emphasize the importance of environmental history (broadly construed) for our understanding of the medieval and pre-modern past. It therefore also emphasizes the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration between the humanities and the STEM sciences. The secondary aim of the EHL is to increase the visibility and integration of Medieval Studies on campus, especially through the demonstration of STEM methodologies for humanities research. 



Watch the video of our Spring 2022 Metalworking Workshop

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